How To Lease A Tank

“Their customers include some of the largest, and the smallest, corporations and businesses in North America and Europe and the AAM asset managers have collectively financed in excess of $1BN USD of business equipment.

​As business men and women we at ROAM Tank Innovations fully understand that each business has its unique challenges, particularly in the current environment and we appreciate that for a business to grow and continue to support the needs of its customers, it needs to invest in new tanks and equipment in the most efficient and cost effective way it can, whatever sector it operates in.  In our experience, AAM Capital helps this happen time and again.  A link to their website follows this paragraph; if you would like a personal introduction we’d be pleased to arrange it for you.”

J. Michael Rose.
President and CEO

AAM Website

ROAM Tank Innovations partners with Houston, TX based AAM Capital, Inc. (“AAM”) to give our customers the ability to lease tanks, intermediate bulk containers and other equipment that they plan to acquire.

​AAM is a privately owned equipment leasing and asset management company.  They operate across the USA, Canada, the UK, and Western Europe and in Scandinavia.

Since the 1980’s the AAM managers have been at the forefront of the asset finance industry providing operating leasing and equipment finance solutions that make it easy for companies of all sizes to acquire the tanks, totes and other equipment that are essential to their businesses.

AAM’s approach is pretty simple, they keep close to their customers and business partners, listen to what we tell them we need, then they deliver it efficiently and without any fuss or fanfare.

You can contact Anglo Asset Management by e-mail at Info@angloassetmanagement.com or via phone at (713) 489-3362.