Chemical and Petrochemical

There are many benefits of using ISO Tanks when hauling chemical products. ROAM Tank Innovations offers superior corrosion resistance, making them an overall safer choice than carbon steel and plastic.

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Stainless Steel VS Carbon Steel and Plastic

  1. Durability: There is simply no comparison to stainless steel, for the strength and long term service. The material will last for decades!
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel tanks resit water treatment, chemicals, and can easily tolerate abrasive wash-down solvents. They will never rust, even when stored outside in the elements.
  3. Temperature Tolerance: Stainless steel tanks are not impacted by excessive temperatures or UV exposure. They maintain their shape and are easy to fill and empty in all weather environments.
  4. Value: Stainless steel tanks are easily fabricated, maintenance free, and maintain their integrity over the long haul. They have scrap value three (3) times that, or more, of carbon steel. They are an asset, NOT an expense.
  5. Recyclable: Stainless Steel is the eco-friendly tank choice. Stainless materials can be reclaimed 100% to help reduce environmental impact, plastics cannot. Unlike carbon steel they will not react with the contents and contaminate the metal. Scrap value is related to the price if nickle.​
  6. Fire Safety: Unlike a plastic tank, stainless steel tanks resist flames for over seven (7) minutes! Under the same testing conditions poly-composite tanks are compromised in just 90 seconds! Even a seemingly small compromise to the integrity of the plastic tank can lead to a disastrous fire.
  7. Ready to Use upon Arrival: The USED ISO TANKS come with a three (3) inch bottom discharge valve that can be locked, 20 inch manway, pressure safety relief valves, air purge/vent valves, heat channels, and two (2) inches of insulation. Our Stainless Steel tanks do not require foundations.​