Food & Beverage

ISO TANKS provide a great platform for transport and sanitation for food & beverage industries. Surfaces and valves are detergent washed, cleaned, buffed, and passivated to achieve a clean, dry interior free of prior cargo odor, residue, and any transferable stains. Passivation is 100% and all gaskets and seals are replaced with PTFE (Teflon).

ROAM Tank Innovations is a leader in the Honey industry!  We provide several types of tanks and customized options for all heating, cooling and blending of materials.

These tanks have become more and more popular with Bee Farmers and Honey Packers due to our innovative blending methods and mixing systems. Built for transport, ISO Tanks have a very long life span and have never leaked in storage applications.  This is very important when storing and transporting liquid!

Examples of how we serve some of our customers!

Honey industry
Maple Syrup
Edible Oils